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Experimental Visual Editing
Through Inspiring 3-D Sequences

Not a professional, but a

professional experimental editor.

          HELLO. Thanks for visiting.

This is something I recently decided to share with other humans. Feedback is much appreciated. Mixing visuals to sync with music using layers, creating texture and moods, with color studies, has been one of my passions. My videos are high color, and can be viewed in 3D with color depth glasses. This again was unintentional, yet something I learned while experimenting.

          I am self taught, and unorganized with my videos and the multiple versions of edits of those videos.. so this is my attempt at creating something simple and easy to view a few of my favorite videos to some of my favorite songs - for artistic purposes, not for commercial use. Don't sue me. Ignore the bits where there is no music - and blackness.. 

         Try and watch the full videos, something always changes, probably right when you get bored..and don't get too stuck on trying to SEE the images, the more intricate and distorted the visuals, the more depth of color is shown (especially with the glasses.)

          I suggest just zoning out and trying to feel the overall 'mood' of the created imagery and sounds combined. A lot of footage is repeated - I am open to working with others to get more footage and collaborate - just message me! 

         These videos were taken throughout the last ten years of my life, in Northern Virginia, Florida, Atlanta, Oregon, and New York.



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